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A very warm welcome to Qatar and the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup .
Our country is incredibly proud to be hosting the first World Cup in the Middle East and Arab world .
This promises to be a ground-breaking edition of the tournament – one rooted in amazing football , state-of-the-art stadiums and uniting fans from across the globe . We also believe this World Cup will be a standard bearer in terms of the legacy it delivers – for Qatar , the region and the world .
Over the past 12 years we have worked tirelessly to deliver an experience that will live long in the memory of fans and players . Our compact tournament format means everyone will always be close to the action – whether it ’ s a stadium , accommodation or entertainment destination . For fans , it will mean they have the chance to attend more than one match per day – unique in the modern history of the World Cup . For players , it will mean more rest and reduced travel demands , helping them stay in peak condition throughout .
Qatar is ready to welcome the world . During our 12-year planning period , we have worked incredibly hard to deliver both amazing tournament infrastructure and a memorable fan experience – and we are excited to welcome passionate supporters from around the world . Our stakeholders will also be delivering a vast range of events and festivals during the tournament – and we are confident there will be something for everyone to enjoy .
This World Cup is the culmination of hard work and strong collaboration between tournament and countrywide stakeholders . We are all united in our vision of delivering the best FIFA World Cup in the history of the tournament – and I thank everyone for their dedication over the last 12 years .
I wish everyone a happy and enjoyable visit to Qatar . Enjoy the tournament and everything our country has to offer .
Foreword by Eng . Yasir Al Jamal , Director General , Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
According to the best traditions of Arab hospitality , guests are greeted with a warm welcome , not solely in accordance with their age , status or affiliation , but as an illustration of the host ’ s own honour and generosity .
That is why , in the 12 years since Qatar was announced as host country for the FIFA World Cup 2022™ , our painstaking preparations have always been aimed at the crowning goal of welcoming the world and turning distant strangers into fast friends .
For visiting fans , we have focused our efforts on bringing you the most efficient , most engaging tournament ever . From the moment you touch down at one of Doha ’ s modern airports , experience our smooth , seamless transportation infrastructure , enjoy the extended celebration of matchday festivities , and relax in the comfort of your accommodation , we hope that you will sense the mix of joy and pride we feel in sharing with you the very best we have to offer .
And like the endless stream of delicacies that punctuates every guest ’ s meal , we urge you to try a little bit of everything while you are with us .
For football fans , the fun does not end with the referee ’ s whistle but plays on through the many concerts , street performances and fan zone parties on offer . Cultured travellers will want to visit our many historical sites , galleries and museums , while nature lovers can simply bask in the epic grandeur of the open desert or embrace the eternal romance of the beach and sea .
We are enormously proud of the progress we have made while preserving the heritage that has shaped our identity . And we view this historic Middle Eastern edition of the FIFA World Cup™ as a treasured opportunity to revive the spirit of the Silk Road and invite the world to meet in Qatar as the crossroads of the globe . Where foreigners become friends – and friends feel like family .
Welcome .
Foreword by Nasser Al Khater , CEO , FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC